Our May 2020 meeting is cancelled due to the pandemic.

Baldwin County Genealogical Society Mission Statement:

The purpose of the Baldwin County Genealogical Society shall be to bring people together who are interested in genealogy and family history and to promote genealogy research.

We believe that the use of the information and links that you find on this website might enable you to fill in some ‘blank’ spots in your family tree. Digging for your roots can and should be a fun activity so when you find yourself exasperated with your search and at the “end of your rope”, put it away and come back later. Your deceased family members are not going anywhere and will wait on you!
Getting Started
Are you new to genealogy and don’t know where to start and need software to help get it all organized? Go to the resources – search & software tab. Look for Legacy. Download the free version of their software (you can get the full, paid version later when you need the additional options). Once you have it installed you can start on a fun filled, aggravating, frustrating journey through time. Start where you have the most information – with yourself and your immediate family. Then work forward or backward as you find more information. The software doesn’t care which direction you are going or how often you switch. It works with your needs! AND lets you correct errors!
GRAMPS is also an excellent program but my experience is that it tends to be a bit scary for new comers in genealogy.
For a photo editor start with paint.net. It is reasonably easy to learn, comprehensive program. GIMP is also an excellent photo editor program but my experience is that it tends to be a bit scary for new comers.
If you live in the Baldwin County area come to a meeting. Meet some wonderful people and perhaps find a tidbit that will set you on a new path of discovery. We meet on the second Saturday of the month at 10:00am in the second floor Community Meeting Room of the Foley Public Library. Meetings are open to the interested public but we would encourage you to become a member so you can receive the BCGS Yore Lore newsletter sent out monthly to your email inbox or to your postal address for those without internet ability.  Dues are an easy $10.00 per year for individuals or $15.00 per year for the family.  We hope to see you at our next meeting!
Foley Library Reference Section
Make sure you go to the Genealogy Section of the library and introduce yourself. You will find a tremendous amount of information there as well as free computer search time to sites all around the world.